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5 of the longest bridges in Brazil

Check out the five major bridges that exist in Brazilian territory.

Brazil is a country of greatness! Since in territorial extension to the existing buildings here, everything is considered too broad. So, let me share with you some stuff that you'll find when you come spend your vacation here! They are unique places, just carefully researched to provide you readers of the TRAVEL TO BRAZIL, the best possible experience in the canary territory. Come on! Check now five major bridges that exist in Brazil!

1 - Rio-Niterói Bridge (Rio de Janeiro)

Rio de Janeiro-Niteroi: huge bridge in Brazil
Rio de Janeiro-Niteroi: huge bridge in Brazil

One of the most amazing bridges built in Brazil is in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Popularly known as Rio-Niterói the Gate Presidente Costa e Silva is located in the bay and connects the city of Rio de Janeiro to Niteroi.

The concept of your project dates back to 1875, aimed at linking the two neighboring towns, separated by the Guanabara Bay or an overland journey of over 100 km, passing by the city of Magé. At the time was designed to build a bridge and then a tunnel.

2 - Todos Newton Navarro Bridge (Natal - Rio Grande do Norte)

Newton Navarro Bridge, Brazil's northeast
Newton Navarro Bridge, Brazil's northeast

Newton Navarro is located in Natal, the capital of Rio Grande do Norte. Connects the neighborhoods of the northern cities of Natal and the north coast of the state to the districts of the south coast, as well as other areas of the city through the Potengi River. Because of its height and grandeur, soon became a tourist attraction.

The main aim is to decongest the traffic of Igapó Bridge, improve access to the new International Airport in São Gonçalo do Amarante and new ventures that comes settling in the northern region, facilitating and increasing the flow of tourists on the northern coast as well as facilitate the output of the residents of the northern zone to the neighborhoods of downtown and other areas of the capital.

3 - International Bridge of Friendship (Ponte Internacional da Amizade - Paraná)

Brazil-Paraguay border - International Bridge of Friendship
Brazil-Paraguay border - International Bridge of Friendship

The International Bridge of Friendship, or simply the Friendship Bridge, was built during the 1950s and 1960s. Connects the city of Foz do Iguacu in Brazil and Ciudad del Este in Paraguay, over the Parana River.

The construction of the bridge treaty was signed on May 29, 1956, the governments of Brazil and Paraguay. On November 14, 1956 was created the commission in charge of design and construction work. The bridge at the time of its construction in 1962 was world record span reinforced concrete bridge and bow set with 290 meters.

The location was defined between five points are considered optimal after the execution of certain studies of the hydrological regime of the Parana River during a period of twenty years (another record).

4 - Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge (Distrito Federal)

JK Bridge - Brazilia downtown
JK Bridge - Brazilia downtown

The Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge, also known as JK Bridge, is located in Brasilia, linking the South Lake (Paranoá) and São Sebastião to the central part of the Pilot Plan, through the Monumental Axis, crossing Lake Paranoá. Inaugurated on December 15, 2002, the structure of the bridge has a total traversing length of 1,200 meters, 24 meters wide with two lanes, each with three lanes, two walkways on the sides for to be used by cyclists and pedestrians with a 5 meters in width and length of spans of 720 meters.

The structure of the bridge has to support four pillars submerged in Lake Paranoá and three spans of 240 meters are supported by three arches asymmetric and located in different planes, with tensioned steel cables placed in a cross shape, which geometrically means that the cables parabolic form a plan.

5 - Binational Bridge Brasil-Peru (Acre)

Peru/Brazil border - Binacional Bridge
Peru/Brazil border - Binational Bridge

The International Bridge over the Acre River, between the countries Brazil and Peru, is a cross-border bridge that connects the BR-317 road between the nearby towns of Assis Brasil (Brazil) and Iñapari (Peru). The bridge, which measures 723 meters long, connects two portions of the Interoceanic in Peruvian territory that were separated by the Madre de Dios River, which crosses Puerto Maldonado, 300 kms south of the border with Brazil.

The Interoceanic South has 2400 km and is the first of four land routes that seek to unite the Brazilian Atlantic to Pacific ports in Chile and Peru.

The Interoceanic South road network is formed by the Brazilian who comes to town Peruvian Iñapari-bordering with Brazil and Bolivia, to enter after the Amazon in Peru, climbing the Andes (4000 m height), and then down and dividing to finish in three ports in the Pacific: San Juan de Marcona, Ilo and Matarani.

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