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5 of the best nudist beaches in Brazil

No matter if your choice to visit with or without clothes, here the most important thing is always to respect each other, the environment and to have tons of fun, leveraging the sea and the beauty.

That Brazil has more than 8000 kilometers of beach, the frequent readers of our blog already know! Now I get up this morning thinking about what would be a great collection of beaches in my dear country that should be fancy to share here. I could not think of a better option than what would compile the best suggestions for nude beaches in some of the best states for beach here.

After searching a lot, I reached the following conclusion - if you want to catch a beautiful nudist beach in Brazil, enjoing good times and wonderful landscapes (in both senses of the word as well), then maybe your best option would be to explore a little more southern and southeastern Brazil. States such as Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina and Espirito Santo are considered excellent targets for naturalism. So come check out the five best nude beaches in my country!?

Pinho's Beach - Camboriú

South of Brazil nudist beach
South of Brazil nudist beach - Camboriu

This is the first official naturist beach in Brazil. It have lots of strong waves and cliffs covered in the local native forest. In the parking lot and house located on the property, many people do not get naked - there are those who come just to have a beer and watch the movement in the sand. But those who set foot in the sand must undress. Are you ready for that?! Just start searching a bit more over the internet about this brazilian destination and you will be set up to go ;)

Olho-de-Boi (Ox's Eye) Beach in Búzios, Rio de Janeiro

The Ox's Eye Beach around Buzios in Rio
The Ox's Eye Beach around Buzios in Rio

Starting from the far right of Brava Beach, we have a track to the Ox's Eye Beach, that is very hard to access. From the center of Brava's Beach,you would take about 40 to 45 minutes to reach this amazing beach. There are no infrastructure at this beach and just because your hard way to get inside, a man starts 27 years ago to sell some beverages and made this a perfect destination for the naturism practice. The beach is very small but uniquely beautiful, the sea is a bit mad, and its waters very transparent.

Galheta's Beach in Florianópolis

Nudist beach in Floripa, south region of Brazil
Nudist beach in Floripa, south region of Brazil

Despite the natural beauty formed by an extensive range of fine sand and calm, shallow waters, the beach Galheta is semi-deserted due to a very difficult access - and these are a bit of the good stuff around here - exclusivity. There are a trail of 300 meters in the middle of some rock formations, but this is not a problem for those who are seeking tranquility. You will not find some infrastructure, just natural freshwater showers, rocks and mountains covered by undergrowth of the Atlantic Forest.

Abricó's Beach (Grumari Beach) - Rio de Janeiro

In the Rio de Janeiro we have Abrico Beach
In the Rio de Janeiro we have Abrico Beach

This is the only one nudist beach destination in the city of Rio de Janeiro. It is a very crystal water beach, with lots of amazing native vegetation in its sourrounds. To reach this paradise is not hard stuff! As you just need to plan your way to the West Zone of the city, exactly in Grumari, Barra da Tijuca. In between Prainha Beach and Grumari you will find Abrico. It is not that kind of weird to make your way around this amazing places of Rio de Janeiro - there is a bus dropping passengers about 5 kms from this beach, but there is another road whereby you can reach the waves easly.

Barra Seca's Beach - Linhares

Brazilian state of Espirito Santo nudist beach
Brazilian state of Espirito Santo nudist beach

This is another oficial nudism destination in Brazil. While in the another brazilian beaches you can't go naked to the public places, in this beach you definitely must to be naked in the family area, but if is that kind of shy, you can just walk around dressed as well. This beach is located on Espirito Santo, one of the three brazilian states located in the south region of this country. If you wanna visit this pearl, than we advice you better go to Linhares and from there you get to make your way through the 60 kilometers distance from this beach that are distant from the nearest town.

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