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Caldas Novas - Brazil hot water city

A hot waters paradise in the heart of Brazil. If you plan to visit the capital (Brasilia), you must consider to visit a place called Rio Quente. You will be excited about the place that you will know in Brazil's heart.

Caldas Novas is a Brazilian city and municipality in the state of Goiás. It is considered by many to be the largest hydro-thermal resort in the world. Caldas Novas is located 170 km from Goiania (Goiás capital - the middle estate of Brazil)

Caldas Novas is one of the best places to live in the state of Goiás. In the United Nations Human Development Index Caldas Novas had a rating of 0.802, which ranked it 10 out of a total of 242 municipalities in the state of Goiás.

Caldas Novas - Brazil hot water city
Caldas Novas - Brazil hot water city

The first references to the hot water of this region were published in 1545. In 1722, Bartolomeu Bueno da Silva, son of Anhangüera, turning off the trail blazed by his father years before, discovered the thermal springs that form the Rio Quente. These were called Caldas Velhas and were located in the place where the Rio Quente Resorts is now located. Rio Quente Resorts it’s a large complex of hotels, clubs, pools and an entire beach, in the middle of the brazilian center west.

Cerrado's beach in Goiás

Beach Park - A huge hotwaters beach in the heart of Brazil

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