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10 of the best islands in the Brazilian territory

10 of the best islands in the Brazilian territory

Just imagine yourself at a mega-metropolis an huge Brazilian capital, with thousands of people but hosted on an island! So this is real and you can find it if you visit the city of Florianópolis. And it is not the only Brazilian capital that is on an island, there are two others: Vitória and São Luiz.

These cities are fully structured in really heavenly places. But you can not imagine that all the islands of Brazil are well like that! There are those untouched, as the fantastic Fernando de Noronha or Ilha do Mel, amazing places you should not miss when to include in your path on Brazilian soil. Check out some of the best islands that exist in Brazil, the top 10 in our opinion, and learn to enjoy the best that this country can offer!

Abrolhos – Bahia

National Marine Park Abrolhos
National Marine Park Abrolhos

Bahia knows as few places in Brazil how to entertain tourists around the world enchanting them with its infinite resources. Gateway to the first European settlers, southern Bahia stands out not only for being the place where the discoverers first landed in Brazil. The National Marine Park Abrolhos, the most important reef complex of the South Atlantic, as the joy and simplicity of its people always welcoming.

Just imagine a place with many miles of beautiful beaches fringed by coconut trees, always warm to the temperature of its waters, this is the place choiced by thousands of marine species to reproduction. An amazing place in Bahia that you must visit when in Brazil.

Bananal Island

Bananal Island - largest river island in the world
Bananal Island – largest river island in the world

The Bananal Island is the largest river island in the world, with about twenty thousand square kilometers (1,916,225 acres), surrounded by rivers Araguaia and Javaés. It is located in the Brazilian state of Tocantins, being divided between the cities of Formoso do Araguaia, Pium and Lagoon of Confusion. It is near the border with the states of Goias, Mato Grosso and Para. Houses to the north the Araguaia National Park and to the south, two Indian reservations: Carajás and Java. It is considered one of the most important ecological sanctuaries in the country.

Beautiful Island (Ilha Bela)

Beautiful Island - São Paulo
Beautiful Island – São Paulo

Ilha Bela (or in english Beautiful Island) is one of the only municipality and marine archipelago in Brazil and is located on the northern coast of São Paulo. It has one of the most rugged landscapes in the Brazilian coastal region, with all the features prominent young. With the general appearance of a mountainous, Island of San Sebastian stands out as one of the highest geographical and prominent of this Coast, with the highest points Pico de São Sebastião, with 1379 meters of altitude, the Kite Hill with 1307 meters, and the Sawmill Hill, with 1285 meters.

Big Island (Ilha Grande)

Ilha Grande - Big Island - Angra dos Reis - Rio de Janeiro
Ilha Grande – Big Island – Angra dos Reis – Rio de Janeiro

The Big Island is the largest island of the coast of Angra dos Reis. The coasts of the island are cut by numerous peninsulas and bays (bags), forming several beaches. The vegetation is lush, consisting of rainforest, mangroves and dunes. The main town of the island is the town of Abraão Village, with approximately 3000 inhabitants, which concentrates most of the island’s infrastructure, such as a clinic, primary school, post office and deployment of the fire brigade and military police. There is a ferry boat service that connects Big Island to the continent cities of Angra dos Reis and Magaratiba. The village is very well served with a wide range of hostels, campsites, bars, restaurants and shops for tourists.

Cashew Island (Ilha do Cajú)

Cashew Island (Ilha do Cajú)
Cashew Island (Ilha do Cajú)

The Delta of the river Parnaíba is the only delta of the Americas in the open sea, divides the states of Maranhão and Piauí form dozens of islands and islets around. One of these islands is the Isle of Cashew(Ilha do Cajú), which belongs to the municipality of Araioses-MA and is about 50 km away from Parnaíba-PI. Despite belonging to the Maranhão, the island as your best access by Parnaíba, Piauí, using boats that take almost 4 hours to get there. Another detail is that to stay on the island there is a fee of 15 reals, used to maintain the preservation of the site. In addition, under 15 years are not permitted access to the island. The island tours are made by jeeps, tractors, horses and chariots, and with the presence of native guides. There are also boat rides, kayaks and boats, but these depend on the tide.

Cardoso Island

Cardoso Island - São Paulo
Cardoso Island – São Paulo

The Cardoso Island is an island located in the Brazilian town of Cananea on the southern coast of São Paulo, in addition to border with the state of Parana. The park covers an area of ​​15,100 ha. where are found all types of vegetation of the Atlantic coast, providing an extraordinary variety of environments and a high biological diversity. The beaches, rocky shores and dunes can be seen on the face of the island that takes the ocean waters, where the beaches of Itacuruçá, Ipanema, Cambria, Fole Pequeno, Bellows, Lage and Marujá.


Santa Catarina capital - Florianópolis
Santa Catarina capital – Florianópolis (Floripa)

Florianópolis is the capital of the state of Santa Catarina and one of the three island-capital of Brazil. It is noteworthy for being the Brazilian capital with the best human development index. Considered by many locals and tourists who visit it as having a unique beauty, Florianópolis has in tourism one of its main sources of income. Among the tourist attractions of the capital should be highlighted, at present, besides the beaches, the places where the first settled communities of Azorean immigrants, such as Ribeirão da Ilha, Lagoa da Conceição, Santo Antonio de Lisboa and the historic city center.

Honey Island (Ilha do Mel)

Honey Island or Ilha do Mel
Honey Island or Ilha do Mel

The Honey Island, or in portuguese the Ilha do Mel, is a Brazilian island situated at the mouth of the Bay of Paranaguá, in Paraná. The Ilha do Mel is a landmark of great importance in the state of Parana. Many people believe that the island has the best beaches in this state. The main tourist attractions of the Island of Honey are: Faros das Conchas, Fortaleza de Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres, Gruta de Encantadas and Istmo.

Marajó Island (Ilha de Marajó)

Island of Marajo
Island of Marajo

Marajo Island is an island of the Brazilian state of Pará, located at the mouth of the Amazon River in the archipelago of Marajo. It stands out for artificial hills, named “stiff”, built still in its pre-Columbian past by the local Indians. According to a report of Sir Walter Raleigh in the sixteenth century the island was also called by the natives as Marinatambal. In colonial times was known as the Big Island of Joannes. The island of Marajo, from the 1990s, is part of the national tour circuit because of its beautiful beaches, streams, strong specific nature and its cuisine has attracted many visitors. Account currently structured network with lodging and meals in various categories. Another attraction is reconciled to ecotourism crafts and buffalo breeding. The craft marajoara is famous throughout the country, as well as the buffalo farms.

Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha Archipelago
Fernando de Noronha Archipelago

Fernando de Noronha is an archipelago of Pernambuco, consisting of 21 islands and islets, occupying an area of ​​26 square kilometers, located in the Atlantic Ocean, east of Rio Grande do Norte. District is a state of Pernambuco since 1988, when it ceased to be a federal territory, whose acronym was FN, and the capital was Vila dos Remédios. It is managed by a general manager appointed by the state government. The main island is 17 square kilometers and is 545 km and 360 km from Recife Christmas. The comercial center is in Noronha Vila dos Remedios, but is not considered to be the island capital by a state district. Fernando de Noronha is a recreational dive site internationally. With warm waters around it, dives to depths of 30 to 40 meters can be done nicely without using a wetsuit. Near the island there is the possibility of doing an advanced dive and visit the Corveta Ipiranga, that lies 62 meters deep, after being intentionally sunk at that point, after a boating accident. The island has three dive operators, offering different levels of service quality. In addition, the archipelago has interesting points of diving, as the natural pool of Atalaia, the sinking of the Port of St. Anthony, the slab Boldró, among others. The archipelago has diverse marine life and is common to see several species of reef fish, turtles and sharks and possibly dolphins.


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