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5 Best places to know in the middle of Brazil

5 Best places to know in the middle of Brazil

If deceive those tourists who come to Brazil believing that only the coast must be explored! There are so many attractions in the non beach areas that you could make several other trips and just be unable to visit all the best places in just one time.

Thinking about this kind of traveler, we start to search for the best places, the unforgettable sights, the paradise hidden within the Brazilian territory that the guidebooks just don’t know how to deal with.

We go further and bring you 5 of the best places to be explored in midwestern Brazil, just get yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy this publication.

Chapada dos Guimarães, Mato Grosso

Waterfall Mato Grosso Brazil
The beauty and grandeur of the Bride’s Veil Waterfall

Chapada dos Guimarães is located in the Brazilian State of Mato Grosso, right in the geodesic center of South America, one of these places that would have a benefit energy.

The curiosity here is this magic mysticism that is wrapped by its location – is bisected by the parallel 15 ° south, an imaginary line that also passes through Porto Seguro, Brasilia and Lake Titicaca.

The fossils of seashells found high in the sandstone cliffs seem to prove that the Chapada dos Guimarães, 500 million years ago, was the ocean bottom. To protect this important place was created in 1989, the Parque Nacional da Chapada dos Guimarães. There are waterfalls, grottos, caves, hills and rock formations amid sandstone canyons with up to 350m high. Your postcard is the Bride’s Veil Waterfall, with 86m fall.

Hot River, or in portuguese – Rio Quente, Goiás

largest water park in South America
Hot Park – largest water park in South America

Is in the tiny town from the brazilian state of Goias, called Rio Quente, that is located the largest water park in South America, the Hot Park. And this is not just one more water park in Brazil – this is a different water park, its main feature is the temperature of the current water that feed the pools – the water is warm, around 35 degrees Celsius and it is precisely for this reason that the city is called Hot River – there is a river of warm water that undermines the feet of the Serra de Caldas Novas making here the perfect place to establish one of the largest tourist complexes in Brazil.

Downtown Brasilia – Three Powers Plaza

Three Powers Plaza in Brasilia
Three Powers Plaza in Brasilia

This name is derived from the presence of the 3 powers around the plaza: the Executive, represented by the presidential office, named in portugues as Palácio do Planalto, the Legislative represented by the National Congress, and the Judiciary, represented by Federal Supreme Court. This is the heart of Brazil’s capital, and is one amazing place to enjoy the kind of architecture invested in this buildings. Who designed this square was the brazilians Lúcio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer and this should be one place that the three powers would meet harmoniously. It is one of the most tourist attractions of Brasília.

Dive in the most amazing places of Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul

Cool places to dive - Bonito - Brazil
Cool places to dive – Bonito – Brazil

We already talked about this brazilian destination, but never is too much! Bonito (wich the translation is fancy!) is one brazilian city in the midwest region very searched by the professional divers, but this city is not all about dive! It is one important ecotourism site knowed worldwide, and have lots of attractions, of which we can mention the natural landscapes (nice places to hike!), huge sites covered with native vegetation (very good to spot some animals), very good dive sites with clear water rivers, caves, waterfalls, caverns and sinkholes. One of the most amazing sites is the Anhumas cave, located 23 kilometers from the city of Bonito, the access is through a crack in the rock, and using some Rapel’s techniques you can reach the bottom of this place with one of the most amazing places to dive – one huge cristal sweet water lagoon.

Brazilian Pantanal Park at Mato Grosso do Sul

Pantanal in the center of the country
Pantanal in the center of the country

We already talked a bit about this brazilian tropical wetland. About 80% of the Pantanal are submerged during the rainy seasons, and in the dry season (middle of the year), this is almost like a desert! One of the most beautiful landscapes in the middle Brazil, the Pantanal is named home by thousands of fauna and flora species. It is a huge biologically diverse collection of aquatic plants and helping support a dense array of animal species.

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