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7 of the most beautiful national parks in Brazil

7 of the most beautiful national parks in Brazil

A national park is a conservation area, usually state-owned, which has as its primary objective the preservation of natural ecosystems of great ecological significance and scenic beauty, making it possible to carry out scientific research and development activities of environmental education and interpretation, recreation in touch with nature and ecological tourism.

In Brazil there are state parks and municipal parks created in the same legislation. The three types of parks are part of the National System-SNUC of conservation – Law 9985 of 2000. National Parks, as well as other federal conservation units are managed by the federal agency ICMBio – Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation, created in 2007. We met seven of the most beautiful national parks in Brazil and share with you here. Check it out right now!

Chapada dos Veadeiros (GO) – Integrated Community

Chapada dos Veadeiros - Goias
Chapada dos Veadeiros – Goias

Situated in an area with altitudes between 1 400 and 1 700 meters to 260 kilometers from Brasilia, the park protects various sources of Central Plateau (Planalto Central Brasileiro) and is the habitat of the loon, a bird threatened with extinction. Before its creation in 1961, the inhabitants exploited crystals in place. Since 1990, the inhabitants of the region, including some former miners, were trained to guide tourists.

Abrolhos (Bahia) – Maternity aquatic

Abrolhos (Bahia)
Abrolhos (Bahia)

The first Brazilian Marine National Park is home to an important area of ​​coral reefs, taken as a sanctuary of marine biodiversity and nursery. Endangered species like humpback whales and sea turtles seek the park to play. The sale of overfishing and coral to make cement decreased, but the excess of tourists and divers still threatens the local ecosystem.

Tumucumaque Mountains (AP) – Giant equatorial

7 of the most beautiful national parks in Brazil
Tumucumaque Mountains National Park

Created in 2002, this is the largest park in the country and the largest unit of preservation of rainforests around the world. Its territory of 38,670 km2 equivalent to 25 times the size of the city of São Paulo. Is on the border with French Guiana. It is an example of the new logic in the creation of parks, your area is not isolated, but surrounded by forests and indigenous areas. As the park still has no headquarters, it remains closed to visitors.

Tijuca (RJ) – Metropolitan Refuge

7 of the most beautiful national parks in Brazil
Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro. Simply amazing!!

Jammed in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, the park includes the Sugar Loaf, Corcovado and Tijuca Forest, the largest urban forest in the world. The Atlantic Forest, however is not unique: in fact, it is the first reforestation project in the country, run from the 1860’s in an area that was previously occupied by coffee plantations. Today, the park is affected by pollution and the growth of slums in the city.

Fernando de Noronha (PE) – Archipelago threatened

7 of the most beautiful national parks in Brazil
Brazilian Paradise – Fernando de Noronha

The national park covers only part of the archipelago, where the works are prohibited. The visitation is controlled, are accepted up to 600 visitors at a time. Noronha is home to spinner dolphins and spawning site of the green turtle. The native vegetation has disappeared with the occupation: it is estimated that 95% of the forest has been destroyed since 1503.

Itatiaia (RJ) – Pioneer incomplete

Itatiaia and Black needles
Itatiaia and Black needles (Agulhas Negras)

The first national park preserves an environment that ranges from rainforest to alpine pastures. The biggest attractions are the hiking trails to waterfalls as the Bridal Veil and mountains as the Agulhas Negras peak (Black Needles). As its expropriation was never completed (only 33% of the area is regulated), today there are farms and private hostels in the region. The park suffers from fires and illegal extraction of palm.

Iguaçu (PR) – Popularity international

7 of the most beautiful national parks in Brazil
Iguaçu waterfalls (Argentina border)

It is the most visited park in the country: every year there are about 700 thousand tourists. The highlight of course are the waterfalls of Iguazu, declared World Heritage Site in 1986. It houses one of the last groups of jaguars, also threatened to disappear. The integration with the community is difficult: the park is fenced off and a rough road that bisects the site is constantly reopened by local residents.

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