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Brazil Airlines: get to know the Brazilian Airlines and start planning your trip

Brazil Airlines: get to know the Brazilian Airlines and start planning your trip

Brazil, for having a huge territorial space, faces serious difficulties with respect to displacement for the vast majority of travelers. Years ago this was more difficult when the airline companies were totally inaccessible to the lower classes of the population, making this feature as unique, inaccessible to allmost everybody without huge money, and the way to that time was facing the bus and the poor condition of roads in Brazil. Today things have changed and you need to know some sort of Brazil Airlines.

Our Brazil is very well served with some of the best airline companies on the planet and is now much easier to overcome the barriers imposed by distance for those who really want to know the beautiful Brazilian territory.

Brazil Airlines

Looking just at the difficulty faced by foreign tourists, we decided to survey the main airline companies active in this country and brought to you a list with the seven companies operating in Brazil that offer the best quality for all who want to fly here. Check now the main flight companies operating in Brazil!

Brazil Airlines: 1 – LATAM

Airbus a320 of Latam Airlines at Guarulhos International Airport, Sao Paulo – Brasil

LATAM AIRLINES – Brazilian leader airline

LATAM is Brazil’s largest airline, as well as throughout Latin America, one of the top 20 in the world and a leader in the Southern Hemisphere in the number of passengers carried. Its headquarters are located in Sao Paulo, a city in which are two of its main operations center (or hub), Congonhas Airport and Guarulhos International Airport. In addition, the International Airport Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek International Airport and the Galeão also serve as major distribution centers to this company’s flights.  They are consolidating growth with strategy to be one of the largest airlines in the world of aviation.

A fleet of 153 Airbus aircrafts (A319, A320, A321, A330, A340) and Boeing (B767 and B777) operate in the mesh of the TAM airline that flies to countries in North America, Europe and South America, LATAM has 15 international destinations and 45 destinations in all states of Brazil. TAM/SA still has two more airlines, a subsidiary of the Paraguayan TAM Airlines (before: TAM Mercosur) and the regional Pantanal Linhas Aereas. Besides these two, other companies belong to the group: Executive Aviation TAM, TAM Cargo, MRO TAM, TAM Loyalty and Multiplus.

Brazil Airlines: 2 – GOL AIRLINES

Gol-Varig Airlines - second most important
Gol-Varig Airlines – second most important in Brazil

Gol Airlines is one of the largest Brazilian airline. It was created on January 15, 2001 in São Paulo, Brazil. The company is headed by Constantino de Oliveira Junior, heir to the Golden mining group, one of the largest passenger transport groups in Brazil.

The concept “low-cost/low-fare” adopted by the company at its founding (inspired by the pioneer Southwest Airlines) is no longer present, because prices in some sections have equivalent or even greater to its main rival, TAM Airlines. Together, the two airlines have more than 80% of the national market, while the GOL Airlineshave less than 30% of international flights. Their main destination outside the country is Buenos Aires, with several daily flights from Florianopolis, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Curitiba via Asuncion.

Brazil Airlines: 3 – AZUL

JetBlue in Brazil - Azul Airlines
JetBlue in Brazil – Azul Airlines

Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras (Azul Brazilian Airlines) SA is a Brazilian company of low-cost commercial aviation, with headquarters in the suburb of Alphaville, the municipality of Barueri (São Paulo).

Created and led by David Neeleman, an American born in Brazil, which was also the founder of the Company JetBlue (U.S.). The start-up took place in December 15, 2008. Its president is Peter Janot and his COO (Chief Operating Officer) is Miguel Dau.

Although new, already owns about 8.1% in brazilian market share, which gives them the third place among the airlines in the country. It has forecast a growth in order to raise this stake to 10% in 2011 and 13% in 2013, when it will serve the 25 largest metropolitan areas of Brazil.

4 – WEBJET (these one do not exists anymore)

Webjet low fare company
Webjet, brazilian low fare company

The Webjet Linhas Aereas Econômicas (Webjet economic airlines) appeared in 2005. For reconcile safety, operational efficiency and low prices, the company was gaining more and more the Brazilian public. Since its inception, more than 11 million passengers have flown with this company.

WebJet Airlines is a Brazilian airline that operates on the concept low cost low fare as well as GOL says. Its headquarters are located in the city of Rio de Janeiro, flew in its first phase of Rio de Janeiro (Galeão) São Paulo (Guarulhos), Brasilia, Porto Alegre and Florianópolis. Webjet today operates 24 Boeing 737 aircraft, has a presence in 16 cities in the country and performs more than 1,000 flights weekly.

5 – TRIP (these one does not exists anymore)

Trip Airlines
Trip Airlines, largest segment in Brazil

TRIP Linhas Aéreas SA (Trip Airlines) is a Brazilian airline and have the largest segment of the Latin American regional. With 87 destinations in all regions of Brazil, is a Brazilian company which serves the largest number of cities, among which more than 30 exclusively. The company stands out among the other beautiful visual identity, in-flight service, number of destinations and comfort on board their planes.

Currently, TRIP was the largest regional airline in South America With approximately 2,900 employees and a fleet of 45 aircraft, TRIP can serve 87 cities in all regions of Brazil

Brazil Airlines: 6 – PASSAREDO (these one has mixed with Gol Airlines)

Passaredo - growing company in Brazil
Passaredo – growing company in Brazil

In July 1995 the Chairman of Passaredo, José Luiz Felicio, opened Passaredo Air Transport with a fleet of three Embraer Brasilia. Also operated aircraft Airbus A310-300 with a pool of travel agents who were disabled in the currency crisis of 1999, was replaced by models ATR-42-300.

In addition to passenger transport, Passaredo has a hangar where it offers special services to the aviation industry, with facilities in an area of ​​7 million square feet that allows hangar, aircraft maintenance, flight operational coordination, as well as courses and training for pilots and stewardesses, VIP lounge for passengers, total infrastructure for crew and aircraft charter service for business aircraft.

7 – AVIANCA (broken company, does not exists anymore)

Avianca Brazil (old OceanAir)
Avianca Brazil (old OceanAir)

Avianca Brazil (old OceanAir) is a Brazilian commercial aviation company based in São Paulo, Brazil Synergy belonging to the group, which also controls the airline Avianca SA and Vip. The group is led by businessman Germán Efromovich. The company has broken a couple of years ago and it is not in operation anymore.

Avianca Brazil started as air taxi company, called OceanAir. Served executives and workers of the petroleum industry and Macae Campos dos Goitacazes. In 2002 he received authorization from the DAC (now FAA) to operate lines in collaboration with Rio Sul VARIG’s old group, from whom he inherited routes and aircraft. Began operating cities rejected by the former partner, operating only regional flights, but rapidly expanded its network.

It stood out at first by using various colors and striking in their planes. The Embraer Brasilia were painted light blue, white, red, yellow, pink, orange and gray. In 2003 reinforced its fleet with the arrival of three Fokker 50, which were painted red, beige and pink.

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