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Brazil visa information

Brazil visa information

Ok! You want to visit Brazil, to take a beach in Rio de Janeiro, and enjoy hapiness vacations, first take a look at this post and maybe you should change your plans. Brazil has a reciprocal visa system, so if your country require visa from Brazilians, than you will need to take your visa to cross brazilian’s borders as well.

Right now, at the time that this post is writed, Americans, Canadians, Australians and New Zealand citizens need visas. By the way, native people from IK, Ireland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, South Africa, Portugal, Spain and Scandinavian countries do not need the visa. If you are from another country, please, before book your flight, contact with the Brazilian embassy or consulate in your home country first.

The Brazilian diplomatic offices is the place that you need to go to get a visa in your country. The are valid from the date you arrive in Brazil for a 90-day stay. They are renewable in Brazil for an additional 90 days. In mos embassies and consulates visas can be processed within 24 hours.

In many Brazilian embassies and consulates it takes only a couple of hours to issue a visa if ou go in person (it’s instant just in some places). Do not forget to present a passaport valid for at least six months, a passaport photograph 5x5cm, and at least a round-trip or onward ticket or a photocopy of it or a statement from a travel agent that you have it.

Usually ussued brazilian visas is valid for five years. The fee for visas is also reciprocal. It’s usually between U$ 40 and U$60, though for US citizens visas cost U$ 140.00, and if you are an american, and think that this is too much expensive, so please, drop a letter to yours local congressional representative and ask why the United States charges brazilians so much to enter US)

Right now, if you want to work in Brazil, maybe you need to care more about the visa. It’s issued and valid for 90 days and has the same requirements as a tourist visa. You’ll also need a letter on your company letter-head addressed to the Brazilian embassy or consulate, stating your business in Brazil, your arrival and departure dates and your contacts. The letter from your employer must also assume full financial responsability for you during your stay.

If you’re under 18 years and want to travel to Brazil alone, you must to have a notarized letter of authorization from a parent or legal guardian before to get a flight to Brazil. Depending the country that you came from, Brazil immigration officials should asks for the yellow-fever vaccination certificate.

And you know it, visa regulations change from time to time, and you should always get the latest information from your local Brazilian embassy or consulate. This is the first step from a safe and amazing brazilian trip.

In the next posts, we’ll publish an entire and complete list of telphones from Brazilian embassies all over the world. Do you have any doubts? Drop your thoghts at the comment box bellow!

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