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Cheap accommodation in Noronha

Cheap accommodation in Noronha: tips to get the best price

So it’s decided! I’m going to Fernando de Noronha! Anyone who has ever bought a flight to Noronha knows this “felling” I’m talking about. The first question that comes after confirming the flight is: how to find a cheap accommodation in Noronha?! My little friends, I confess that I’ve been through this 8 times in my life, the exact number of times I’ve been to Noronha!

And every time it’s like that!

You can repeat the blessing of traveling to Noronha about 30 times…, the concern will always be the same! Heck, how am I going to be able to find a cheap inn in Noronha, the flight is already so expensive, there are N more fees, you have to book a little money so you don’t die of hunger and thirst there too, but in the end, everyone’s worried that goes to the most beautiful island in the world is the same: how to find the RAIO of a cheap accommodation in Noronha!

Maria de Gouveia

How to find cheap accommodation in Noronha

Well, come with me, I’ll try to tell you how I already realized it can work and you’ll end up succeeding in this endeavor.

Look, Noronha has it for ALL pockets. I assure you! I’ve already been there during New Year’s Eve and paid 30 contos daily at the last minute. It’s true that I slept on the floor, on the sofa, in the hammock, in the corners of Dona Maria de Gouvêia’s house, but that is very rootsy! Maybe you don’t want to do that with your girlfriend, wife and kids right hahaha

And I also don’t know if Dona Maria has the courage to offer what she offered me to anyone. It was like a christening on the island you know… it was my first time heheh

Well, time passed, the island has developed a lot, and today, in the middle of 2020, a pandemic break and everything else, if you want to visit Fernando de Noronha and save money on your accommodation, I can recommend some tips for you to get indeed success in this proposal.

But everything comes with a lot of effort huh, don’t be shy. You may not find it the first time, not even for your dates (especially if it’s New Year’s, Carnival, holidays). But the strategy is always the same: use massive doses of research, apply peroba oil on your face and make a few calls, be open to share accommodation or stay in a simpler place, no doubt you’ll find something around the 150 to 400 reais daily.

Hammocks in Noronha
Hammocks in Noronha

Cheap hotel in Noronha

And are you finding it expensive 400 reais in Noronha?! A cheap hotel doesn’t cost less than 500 reais a day, friend. I’m not even going to mention the places I know that charge 4000 heheheh, people of heaven, Noronha is something very exclusive, it’s normal that the prices are not the same as that of that little hotel on the central corner of any Brazilian capital.

The hotel cost usually comes back to you in amenities: there’s plenty of room with excellent breakfast! Almost all accommodations have air conditioning, I’ve stayed in all types of accommodation in Noronha and I almost never experienced a lack of air conditioning, it’s kind of a mandatory item to face the heat of the nights there.

Cheap Hotel in Noronha
Cheap Hotel in Noronha

But cheap hotels even in Noronha are few. If you are looking for a cheap hotel, change your expression, I think that it is easier for Fernando de Noronha to find the term cheap hostel in Noronha on the internet. This is because almost even the best super luxury hotels in Noronha still have the prestige of considering themselves as “inns”. I think it’s even more human, isn’t it? Hahaha

Look, a really cool place I visited recently is Pousada Cheiro Verde, which is located at the top of Floresta Nova. It’s a special place, the staff is super hospitable, the rooms are extremely clean, the breakfast is delicious, and the price on booking is up to 600 reais a day. To search just click on this link here and you will get the best price.

Cheap hostel in Noronha

Now yes! We are talking about the same term. There are two ways to find a cheap hostel in Noronha: the first is to search on or on AirBnB. Do you know what my golden tip is?! Use these sites to track by daily rate for the days you want to stay.

There are other very interesting sites that can yield good results, like or other .com of life. But let’s just use these sites as a reference to know the value of each accommodation for the day we are going to travel, capiche!? So you have in hand the full daily rate for web platforms.

With this ammunition in hand, you can take that peroba oil and put it on your face, go ahead and create a list with the name of the inns that interested you and the telephone number of each one of them. After all, it doesn’t cost anything to be more friends with the owner, right?

A nice place that I also stayed in recently and found the cost quite satisfactory was Pousada Ilha e Mar (click here to search the booking for the price of this accommodation)

Calling to confirm beforehand if you can’t do it outside (understand…?!)

If you are resourceful, my friend, then go ahead and pick up the phone number of the inns that interested you the most and call them all. Ask to talk to the owner soon. Tell a little about your life. Show you are fine people. Ask everything about the inn, what it can and cannot do. There are guesthouses that will love to welcome you with a Styrofoam box full of barbecue meat hahaha

He doesn’t waste time, talks to everyone, asks if he can’t do the hosting on his own. See if you don’t have a discount to pay in cash directly via bank deposit. All of this helps a lot not only in your endeavor to find cheap accommodation in Noronha, but also helps small businesses on the island. Who doesn’t like to work with dim dim in sight, right!?

In conclusion: why find the best and cheapest accommodation in Noronha?

I sincerely hope that the tips that I humbly leave here can help make your trip amazing. Don’t forget to mention my name and the blog’s name in the place where you’re hosting see, I know so many people there that it’s always great when people talk about the blog 😀

And if you find a cheap accommodation in Noronha, don’t forget to share in the comments here you also saw, there are many good places that deserve to be highlighted for a fair price.

Hug and see you next time!


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