Cheap flight tickets in Brazil is at the GOL-VARIG auction with the Milan Express

To purchase tickets through the economic auctions held by the Milan Express, the user must register and understand some operating rules of the auction. We gather here some interesting details that must be understood before running out your bids:

  • Payment: Payment will be collected by the auctioneer (Milan Auctions), up to 48 hours after the close of trading. Failure to pay the full lot until this deadline will result in the loss of it. The auctioneer will charge their remuneration directly from the purchaser, the amount of 5% of the sales value of the passages contained in the batch. Along with this amount the buyer will pay the value of the lot and airport fees mentioned.
  • Refund: Products purchased at auction are not refundable as of Dec. 21 981 Federal Oct. 19, 1932 with changes made by Decree Law 22427 of February 1, 1933, regulating the profession of Official Auctioneer.
  • Details of names:  In lots labeled “Names must be entered until 07 days before departure,” it is not necessary to inform the names of passengers when the bid offer, and they should be informed on time directly to GOL. For other lots, the names should be listed across the page “Lots auctioned” to the payment of the lot next to Milan Auctions. The names cannot be exchanged informed later. In both cases, once informed, the names are not changed, and seats may only be used by passengers indicated. Unused seats will not be refunded.
  •  Cancellation: Since there is no refund for goods purchased at auction, changes and cancellations are not allowed. However, 50% of the amount paid, excluding the compensation of the auctioneer may be retained as a credit for next purchase directly with the Gol, the withdrawal of two parts (round trip) to occur until 24 hours before departure.For more details visit the Milan Express(

Happy bidding!


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