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Diving in Noronha

Diving in Noronha: 10 tips for diving in Fernando de Noronha

Hello friends who follow Travel to Brazil daily! Everything is good?! I’m stopping by today to give tips on diving in Noronha, especially for those who are a first-time sailor (or diver).

It turns out that Fernando de Noronha is one of the best destinations on the planet to practice scuba diving in open waters, and you can be sure: you won’t want to arrive on the trip unprepared.

Here I want to share simple but super important tips, so that you have more comfort and quality during the entire process that will make you sink in the most crystalline waters in Brazil.

Diving in Noronha
Diving in Noronha

Diving tips in Noronha

I well remember my first time in Noronha, I didn’t even have a certificate and I wanted to dive at all costs. I could have amazingly maximized my trip had I made a few decisions before getting to the point.

Here I’ll record a little of all the necessary information so that you don’t have to go through hassles or any type of difficulty when hiring your dive tour and see the wonders that the Atlantic Ocean has in store for everyone who chooses to dive in the waters of the Noronha archipelago.

Look for a reliable place to go diving in Noronha

The first tip I can recommend to you is the following: try to dive with professionals, with the most professionals preferably. This is important because it will give you confidence, it will take you to the best spots, it will have the necessary structure for the dive to be memorable.

In Fernando de Noronha I always recommend Altantis Divers. They are my usual partners, the agency with the largest structure and the most qualified professionals operating on the island. I’ve dived with the Atlantis team several times, including dozens of blog posts reporting the vast majority of the experiences we’ve gained together.

There are other dive agencies in Noronha that also do a super professional job, but it turns out that I’ve had so many positive experiences diving with the guys at Atlantis that I can’t help recommending them as the best agency to dive in Noronha, go in faith with them that it is success for sure!

Diving in Fernando de Noronha Brazil
Diving in Fernando de Noronha Brazil

Nice to arrive with a certificate

I remember well the first time I went to Noronha and I didn’t have a certificate: I could only do a scuba dive if I was accompanied and up to 10 meters.

I already had some experience with diving, I had already performed some baptisms, but it turns out that it is not the same thing and anyone who has been diving for some time knows the difference.

If you don’t have an open water diver certification, you won’t be able to scuba dive without going through the baptism process. In Noronha, the rule is the rule and no one wants to be fined or have major complications with safety and health due to lack of certification, do you agree?

So something I strongly recommend is that before you go diving in Noronha, the best thing is to get the “Open Water” diver’s certificate before the trip, so you’ll be absolutely sure that you will. make the most of your diving trip in Noronha.

Baptism Dive in Noronha
Baptism Dive in Noronha

Take your personal gear

If there’s something I always do, it’s to bring my personal equipment. This includes my diving mask, which is already adapted to my needs, snorkel, flipper and neoprene suit.

With your personal equipment you will have more comfort and confidence in diving. I believe that you don’t need to have the complete kit with regulator, computer and vest, but the basic equipment is essential so that nothing will fail due to any kind of inconvenience with basic equipment.

If you don’t have equipment, no problem! In Noronha you can rent and buy. I believe that some types of equipment are even cheaper than on the mainland, I found the Atlantis price to be super fair for quality masks and renowned brands, neoprene clothing and even fins.

Don’t skimp on photos

If there’s something you can take back from the ocean beyond memories, it’s pictures of the experience. At this point, it is important to understand that even if you have nice equipment, you may not be able to have any photos of yourself on the memory card at the end of the dive.

For this it is important to hire the water photography service that is offered in Fernando de Noronha by the main diving agencies present on the island.

Another positive point for Atlantis in relation to this is precisely the partnership they have had with the guys from All Angle Images for several years, all the photos you see in this article were taken by them. I even have a nice GoPro, but the photos never come out as professional in quality as what you can buy from the All Angle team.

You don’t need to hire the service first, it’s super optional. In all dives on board there is always the presence of a photographer with professional waterproof equipment. Then all you have to do is perfect your pose and stop by the dive shop after the tour to see if the photos look good and if you’ll want to buy some.

Book the tours in advance to go diving in Noronha

Another important point for anyone planning a diving trip to Fernando de Noronha is to stay aware of reservations. It is almost always necessary to make a reservation in advance to be able to be docked in one of the boats that will depart for the sea the next day.

Everything gets very busy without reservation. You will almost never be able to get there and go diving right away. It will always be necessary to sign the disclaimer and organize the transfer schedule, which is almost always included in the price of the dives.

So if you’re planning a trip to Noronha, don’t miss the opportunity to make a reservation in advance, so you’ll guarantee immediate success when you’re on the island, don’t leave this part of the reservation until the last minute to avoid complications when having fun: D

Be ready to marvel at the bottom of the sea

This is the best advice I could give you to ensure the success of your dive in Noronha: go with an open mind, free from roots, in order to expand the sensations and experiences that will be acquired at sea.

Noronha is a classic paradise, there are marine animals always present on every dive, but you know how it is, it could be that on the day of your dive they forgot to text that turtle appear to take a picture (hah)

Schools of fish
Schools of fish in Noronha

So you need to be open-minded. Everyone says that Noronha is beautiful and on every dive they see incredible animals, however, on their first immersion, the sea was a little disturbed, or something else caused discomfort. The important thing is to have a clear head and prepared to face possible adversity and keep trying.

In conclusion, do you want more tips on diving in Noronha?!

I have already dived in Noronha several times and I can tell you that it is one of the most unspoiled places that still exist in the seas of planet Earth, each dive I made was special, each immersion provided me with unique moments of contact with nature and that were responsible for some of the best memories I take with me from this wonderful archipelago.

Have you ever dived in Fernando de Noronha? Also managed to get good memories like me?! Leave your comment in the box below for us to chat a little more about it!

Now if you are still planning the trip and have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment, it will be a great pleasure to guide you in the best decision so that your diving trip to Fernando de Noronha is more than a success!

A big hug and until next time!

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