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Fifa launches volunteer program, and brazilian government expects 100 000 recruited

Fifa launches volunteer program, and brazilian government expects 100 000 recruited

Gradually, Brazil and FIFA following working hard to make one amazing atmosphere to the World Cup in Brazil.

On this tuesday morning, in Salvador, Bahia, Fifa and the Local Organising Committee (LOC) launched the Volunteer Programme for the 2014 World Cup and Confederations Cup 2013. And the good news is that everybody can register itself, but the bad one is that the Programme is not paid and you have to and you have to bear the cost of lodging and additional costs related to the trip.

Entries for this volunteers project to work directly linked to LOC and FIFA for the World Cup and the Confederations Cup begins today on the website of the entity. Later, they will open a new recruitment process for volunteers linked to the federal government and the seat-cities. The expectation of COL and the federal government is that 100 thousand volunteers will recruited, and not just brazilians!

However, volunteers who work exclusively subordinate to the LOC/FIFA will be only 7000 in the Confederations Cup and 15,000 in the World Cup.

Both brazilians and foreigners can participate in the selection making the registration for the first part of the program through a single register on the FIFA website.

Within 15 days, will be an evaluation, and depending on the number of applicants, the process can be terminated.

The forecast is that online trainings begin in December. Between January and February 2013, will be the moment of group dynamics, while between April and May volunteers will undergo specific training for that in May 2013, a month before the Confederations Cup, the volunteers could reach the stadiums.

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