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Five of the best movies from Brazil

Five of the best movies from Brazil

Today should be a very nice day for take a little bit of time, get some popcorns and relax over the sofa watching some good movie! Well done! What about to watch some amazing movies that deals with brazilian stories?!


Should be great! Here, we bring to you some very nice blockbusters from Brazil, movies that bring the brazilian reality for your television and will make you travel around this amazing country without get out of your place! And so, check out five of the best movies from Brazil right below!

1 – Central do Brasil – 1998

Central do Brasil - top first brazilian movie

This is one of the most awarded Brazilian movies. Just to give you an idea, Central Brazil won the award for best foreign film at the Golden Globes, took home a Golden Bear in Berlin and Fernanda Montenegro, the protagonist of the film, won a Silver Bear. The film was also honored with seventeen awards at major festivals and figured in lots of national and international movie festivals.

Walter Salles took to the screen the story of Dora (played by Fernanda Montenegro), a woman who writes letters for illiterate people in Central Brazil. One of the women who can not read and write is Anna, who along with his son Josué need help writing a letter. At the station exit Ana is struck and dies. Countered, Dora solves welcome the boy only nine years and helps he to find hist father that never knew, in the Brazilian Northeast.

2 – Tropa de Elite 1 e 2 – 2007 e 2010

Tropa de Elite(Elite Squad) - Wagner Moura as Captain Nascimento

In Tropa de Elite (Elite Squad), Wagner Moura embodies Captain Nascimento, head of BOPE (special police from Rio de Janeiro) that needs to find a replacement, since his son is about to rise. In one instance in a funk-party he finds himself before the aspiring military police, Neto and Matias. The two are quite honest and decide to attend the training course for officers of the Elite Squad. Both are approved and Nascimento believes he has finally found someone to replace him, so he can finally let go of the field and work in an administrative position.

In Elite Squad 2, Nascimento appears older and starts to occupy the post of general commander of BOPE. Then he was appointed Under Secretary for Intelligence and begins to realize that your enemies are not just drug dealers and drug users, but also those who is envolved with political interests and electoral officers.

The first Elite Squad took home the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival while the sequence of Elite Squad accounted for 11 million viewers, which made ​​the film became the most watched domestic work!

3 – O Auto da Compadecida – 2000

O Auto da Compadecida

Guel Arraes and Adriana Falcão were responsible for adapting the work of Ariano Suassuna and transfer it from the pages of the books to the big screen from the cinemas.

In the film, which takes place in the northeastern backlands, João Grilo e Chicó walking over the streets looking for some money. Down the road they have the idea of stealing a pig mud full of money, which can stop in the hands of Chicó if he marries with Rosinha. The plans go awry when João Grilo dies.

All the people dead are reunited in the final judgment, when they will be judged by a black Jesus and the devil (played by Luis Melo). But who will put the hammer end and decide the fate of all is Nossa Senhora (Our Lady), the Compassionate (played by Fernanda Montenegro).

4 – Bicho de Sete Cabeças – 2001

Bicho de Sete Cabeças another very good movie made by brazilians

This was the first movie directed by Lais Bodansky and was very well received by critics and audiences when it premiered in theaters. The film also won several awards at major festivals in Brazil.

Grandson (played by Rodrigo Santoro) live an ordinary life in a way, and does not relate very well with his father, who does not understand certain actions taken by him. One day, Wilson (Othon Bastos), Neto’s father, found a marijuana cigarette at his son’s pocket. Such a discovery becomes a tempest in a teapot, and advised by experts, decides to intern the son at a mental hospital. There Neto will experience the most degrading situations they are exposed to patients of the site and will realize, over the period in which it is admitted that the patients of the institution are being devoured by a corrupt system.

5 – Dois Filhos de Francisco – 2005

Dois Filhos de Francisco, very good brazilian movie – 2005

This movie just broke when it debuted in theaters, after all, are so few double hinterland known and so successful in Brazil as Zeze di Camargo and Luciano. Critics point out that production exceeded expectations and was the best Brazilian film of the year, including being appointed to represent Brazil in the category of best foreign film at the Oscar.

The film does not work as a biography of the duo, but turns to family history and trajectory of the brothers to win the fame and the affection of the Brazilian people.

Francis (played by Angelo Antonio) is a humble farmer in Goiás who dreams of turning two of his nine children in a double hinterland of success. He initially believes that Mirosmar who learned how to play the accordion, and Emival, who plays guitar,should turn your dreams into reality. However, a serious accident made the dreams stop. Mirosmar almost lost hope, but insists on taking a singing career ahead. He even recorded a solo album, now using the stage name Zeze di Camargo, who makes no success. It is then that he decides to join his brother Welson, now Luciano, who becomes the missing piece in the puzzle.

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