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How to get to the Rock City at Rock in Rio 2011?

How to get to the Rock City at Rock in Rio 2011?

And do you wanna know what is the biggest news for the folks who, like me, was thinking about how we would to go to the City of Rock on a shoestring, without to lose a huge time and saving a little bit of reals?

Well the people which is organizing the event, launched the RioCard Rock in Rio, taht is a card with a system similiar the arline tickets. You will be able to choose the dates that you wanna go to the shows, place of departure and time available and the purchase card is equivalent to a forecast time of departure.

City of Rock - Rock in Rio 2011
City of Rock – Rock in Rio 2011

The buses that will be roading is at Frescáo Style (tipical bus that runs some routes inside Rio de Janeiro allready) and will be passing throught 14 points of the city with 10 different times for the first way and seven different times to the way back. Will stop in Rio Centro, 250 meters from the entrance of the festival. The same system applies to the return trip, but beware that the back has no appointment.

The sale will be made by the web site of the RioCard, that was built specific to this event, and the passenger will receive the card at home. Because it is a special system, you must purchase the round trip, totaling R $ 35 plus the cost of freight for delivery at home.

RioCard best choice to go to the RockinRio 2011
RioCard best choice to go to the RockinRio 2011

We extremally recommend this way if you are unfamiliar with Rio de Janeiro and don’t want to get in troubles paying huge prices for the taxi drivers. The City of Rock is far from the city centre, airports, south zone (touristic zone) as well as from the North Zon, so this really seems to be the best option to get this party started.

Do you want to go to Rio de Janeiro to enjoy some amazing concerts in this tropical land? Don’t know how to buy the tickets or are afraid to lose something just because you don’t know nothing about Brazil! So we are here to help you! Leave your messagens at the comment box below and start right now to solve your doubts about this amazing country!

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