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Jericoacoara Holidays

Jericoacoara Holidays

For a fishing village, Jeri is very well served in your hospitality. There are options that meet all financial levels. You can opt for five star hotels, or staying at hostels with more affordable costs. There’s everything in Jeri. As an oasis amid a desert of sand dunes in the middle of Ceará, Jericoacoara is able to provide excellence to rich foreigners are able to withstand the daily $ 500.00, and can serve well as the backpacker without money that can’t spend more R $ 30.00 per day to sleep and take a good bath.

For every rule there are exceptions! Keep an eye on what the offers you are quoting in Jeri, which spreads the benefit and cost X, and choose who gives you better for less. There are many inns that overlook the sea and several others with large dune (sunset dune) overlooking.

It is also normal to find several other tourist services available to the hiring of the tourist. The majority has agreements with buggy rides and is leaving straight from the inns.

There are buggy rides out of the inns, towards the east coast with left around 9 / 9:30 am and return late afternoon (around 14:00 hours) at the inn. There are also buggy rides through the lighthouse, dunes and to the lagoons. There is another walk that path does the following: Tree of Idleness, Blue Lagoon, Sweet Stream, Prea beach and Holed Stone.

There is still a buggy trip to the west coast with left around 9 / 9: 30 and confirm by return (usually the exit is 14:00 hours on behalf of the state of the tide) through the dune sunset, beach Jericoacoara, Guri, Mangue Seco, ferries, old Tatajuba, New Tatajuba, and Lake Tatajuba (with seahorses)

Some quotes were made by our team during the week of the eve of our trip in order to find the best option for hosting our 4 days in Jeri. And only here at Boa Viagem you have information as privileged. Check out some suggestions / prices of hostels Jeri. Remember that the period found in our quote was between 3 and 8, august 2010.

Pousada Estrela D’Alva

Site: Value for daily, 95 reais couple will pay period, 85 actual cash payment, can pay in sight and with Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Diners Club. To do this we require a deposit of 50% of the value to account for confirmation. The phones are the: 88 8833 1742 / 88 3669 2327.

Pousada Alquimia Daily rate for apartment double / double with air-conditioning and hot shower, is $ 80.00. Includes breakfast and they do not charge additional fees for service (almost every institution of Jeri charge 10% more in your products / services)

Beach House The inn at the beach house is located 10 meters from the sea and 50 of the dune sunset from the central beach of Jericoacoara is a hostel with only seven suites has a Master’s suite very charming and cozy with a view panoramic sea and dune sunset.

Suites 01, 04, 05.06 have a spectacular view of the sea and dune dust from the sun. The pool of 44 m2 offers a pleasant feeling of relaxation and comfort. Amounts charged during this period:     * Master Suite (ocean front view) – R $ 390.00 (for two)     * Suites exceeding 5 and 6 (front sea view) – R $ 290.00 Suites (for two)     * Top 4 and 1 (side sea view) – R $ 280.00 (for two)     * Suites Standard 2 and 3 – $ 250.00 (for two)

Pousada Iracema

Site: Double room per day is worth $ 90.00 for 2 people. Tasty breakfast, with various fruits, juices, scrambled eggs, ham, cheese, two kinds of delicious cakes and tapioca regional cuisine.

Inn has 11 apartments and is situated at the town center and within walking distance of shops, restaurants, bars and 300 mts from the beach and the famous Dune Sunset Sun, our apartments are spacious and compounds bathroom with hot shower, refrigerator, TV, air conditioning, balcony with hammock and lounge and on our tropical garden, pool with waterfall and Wi-Fi Internet

Pousada Maxitalia Apt Std 1 (ground floor and / or higher-no balcony, small on the back, capable of a couple) from 130.00 daily. Apt Std 2 (upstairs-no balcony and a spacious one, for up to 4 adults and CHD) daily from 150.00. LUXURY Apt (ground floor and / or upper-balcony with garden and terrace with pool, for up to 4 adults) – from 170.00 daily. SUPER Apt (ground floor – with a balcony overlooking the pool, sleeps up to 5 adults) daily from 200.00

Pousada Wind Jeri Apartments with air conditioning, turbo fan, hot shower, mini bar, wi-fi, safe and balcony with hammock. Apt couple $ 150.00 a night. Leisure area with barbecue, TV conference reception, relax in the garden room, wi-fi in every area of the hostel and a beautiful view of the Saw.

Pousada Ibiscus

Site: Daily apartments with air (split air conditioner, quietest for more comfort), minibar, 20 inch TV, safe, hot shower, great breakfast, and a WiFi area Double room is $ 100.00 to daily. The hostel is open since 2003, towels, sheets, mattresses, split air, refrigerator, TV, everything new and clean, all bathrooms have hot shower, the price is included a great breakfast, you will not find at this price Pousada with the same standard of quality throughout Jericoacoara, if you arrive by bus, just tell the time and we hope you at the first stop of dungarees in the center of Jericoacoara.


Site: “” That has a pool, pool bar, would keep Wind surfing and mini cyber. Apartments with: litter box, air conditioning, TV, minibar, safe and telephone. Bathroom with hot shower and balcony with a network to pool. The Daily rate is $ 220.00 double with breakfast, one additional person $ 70.00. Phone / Fax (88) 3669-2111/2104

Additional detail for how to get to Jeri

* Company Redemption (tel. 85 – 3256.27.28 – ) takes about 6:30 pm, the current price is $ 38.00, (ex-Beira Mar / Beach Iracema, Fortaleza 09:30 pm and 17:30 pm the same bus leaves at 10:10 pm and 18:10 pm and the airport at 10:30 pm and 18:30 pm in the road) in high season , has a VIP bus, the price is $ 50.00, leaving the Road 07:30 pm, 8:00 pm Airport, Beira Mar 8:30 pm;

* Mini-buses, ticket cost is $ 120.00, it takes about 5-6 hours away, leaving Fortress Around 8:00 pm in the Avenida Beira Mar;

*Transfer particular 4 x 4, the cost of passage is $ 450.00, takes about 4:30 pm to 5:00 pm, catch you at the airport in Fortaleza or wherever and whenever you want;

In conclusion …

There are various forms of costs to stay in Jeri. There are several other inns, hostels, hotels, guesthouses and houses for rent by the season. Each a lot of research before closing the deal, sending emails requesting quotes and googling a lot about lodging in Jericoacoara, you end up finding the best option to stay in Jericoacoara.

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