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Muro Alto beach in Porto de Galinhas, pearl of the Brazilian Northeast

Muro Alto beach in Porto de Galinhas, pearl of the Brazilian Northeast

Hello everyone, everything is great?! I’m here today to tell you a little about one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve seen on the Brazilian coast, the Muro Alto Beach, which is located very close to Porto de Galinhas.

For those who don’t know, Porto de Galinhas is located south of Recife, it’s an hour and a half by car on the PE-009 and I guarantee you: it’s one of the best places to spend your holidays in the northeast, if you don’t know it yet, you don’t know. who are missing!

Beach in Porto de Galinhas: Muro Alto Beach

The center of Porto de Galinhas has several alternatives for accommodation, craft and gift shops, restaurants overlooking the sea and is usually quite busy, especially on weekends and holidays.

However close to Porto de Galinhas you will find a wonderful place to spend the day without too much fuss, Muro Alto Beach is just 8 kilometers north of the most central area of Porto de Galinhas and you can be sure you will find it one of the treasures of the Pernambuco coast at your disposal.

Do you know what makes this beach different?! It turns into a real natural pool at low tide! With shallow waters, very warm and in fact very clear, Muro Alto beach has become in recent years the perfect alternative for those who want to practice sports such as stand up paddle, kayaking and even taking a raft ride.

This beach is surrounded by a gigantic coral wall that “dams” the water at low tide, transforming it into a real natural pool that attracts tourists from all over Brazil and the world.

The best way to get to Muro Alto Beach is on a buggy ride from the center of Porto de Galinhas.

Muro Alto beach in Porto de Galinhas, pearl of the Brazilian Northeast

Muro Alto, one of the most beautiful beaches near Porto de Galinhas

If you are in Recife and want to get to know Muro Alto, then it might be interesting to take a bus to Porto de Galinhas and from there take a buggy ride, or go walking (prepare yourself as it is 8 km away from the center of Porto ).

If you choose to get off the bus at Muro Alto beach, it can also be a very long walk, since the stalls and the beach itself are still a little far from the main road.

You can also choose to go by rental car, or in your own vehicle, however I recommend leaving it at the first parking lot, closer to the tents and the beach, don’t try to go any further because the closer you get to the entrance to the beach, the more busy and complicated will get parking.

At the time I visited Muro Alto, the parking fee was R$15.00 per vehicle. This parking lot also has a bathroom with shower, but this service is charged separately, for 20 reais.

An interesting alternative for those with plenty of time is to stay close to Muro Alto beach, since the region also has great resorts, inns and hotels for all budgets.

What to do at Muro Alto Beach

My main indication of what to do in Muro Alto is quite simple: find a place in the sun and go relax! This is the kind of beach you visit to do nothing 😀

But even so, if you can’t sit still, you can rest easy, since you’ll have the necessary conditions to do various activities. I saw a lot of people going on a raft, doing snorkeling, balancing on the stand up paddle and still exercising in a kayak.

Muro Alto Beach in Porto de Galinhas
Muro Alto Beach in Porto de Galinhas

It is also possible to rent a buggy or quad bike for more radical tours around Muro Alto, visiting several beaches in the vicinity.

Another interesting activity alternative to do in Muro Alto is to swim to the coral wall and discover the spectacular views that you can get from the beach.

It’s good to be smart, take a pair of coral walking shoes with you (croqs work great!) as you can stick yourself in some hardened hedgehog or coral tip.

Where is Muro Alto Beach

There’s no secret: Muro Alto Beach is north of the center of Porto de Galinhas, more precisely 8 kilometers away from the main beach.

If you come from Recife straight to Porto de Galinhas, you can take the PE-009 until the intersection with PE-038. You will pass through a town called Nossa Senhora do O, and follow the path, as if you were going to Porto de Galinhas.

Also on the PE-009, before arriving in Porto de Galinhas, right after the State Highway Police, it will be possible to orient yourself by the signs and follow the correct path towards Muro Alto Beach, thus avoiding having to go to the center of Porto from Galinhas to return later to the path that leads to Muro Alto.

I don’t know if you liked this beach, but hey, it’s the kind of place where you can spend weeks on vacation and not worry too much about the weather or what to do.

If you’re just passing through the region and want to enjoy the day to rest on a calm and well-structured beach, then don’t think twice and go straight to Muro Alto Beach.

Tips about the beaches of Porto de Galinhas

Both at Muro Alto Beach and other beaches in the region, it may be interesting to adopt some tips to maximize the quality of your trip: try to arrive earlier and reserve a place on the beach. It can also be interesting to make arrangements in advance with the owner of the umbrella to guarantee a cheaper price, in case you don’t think about consuming anything on the beach.

Arriving at Muro Alto Beach
Arriving at Muro Alto Beach

If you are going to consume then it may be that, by agreeing with the owner of the chair/umbrella, the cost will be free, just make the consumption of drinks and food at the tent indicated by the owner of the umbrella and beach chair!

Another tip I give you: go without a time to leave. This beach is the kind where the longer we stay, the more we want to stay.

In conclusion: is Pernambuco worth visiting?

So, are you already familiar with Muro Alto Beach and have an unmissable tip that cannot be left out here? So don’t think twice, go ahead and leave your report, experience or unmissable tip in the comments box that follows and collaborate to do more for other people’s journey 😀

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