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Antunes beach near Maragogi

Northeastern beaches: see here the best alternatives in all states

Hey, smart guys who follow Travel To Brazil, all great with you?! Hope so! Today I would like to share with you a light post with suggestions of some of the best Northeastern beaches that I have visited and that are at the top of my list of recommendations.

Guys, here I share only beaches that some of the 10 most beautiful beaches I have ever visited huh, it may be that you know some more beautiful beach and I want that in fact it happens, that you leave a comment on our website saying which one Northeast Brazilian beaches that you like best.

Northeast Beaches in Brazil

I have been to all the Northeastern states of our beloved Brazil and I can attest that there are some of the most spectacular landscapes that we can find related to nature, the beach and the sea. Some of the beaches I prefer are in Fernando de Noronha, Ceará, Maranhão, Bahia, but ALL the states in the Brazilian Northeast have a strip of sand with refreshing water for us to enjoy. What are the best beaches in the Northeast?! Search cheap flights to Brazil with Google Flights ( or even Google Voos in Portuguese 😀 )

I believe that the best beach in the Northeast is the one that will bring you the best structure for your goals. Are you going with your family? Go alone? Want to snorkel? Or just hanging out on the beach? So who will answer which is the best beach in the Northeast in the end is you and your own endeavor. Well, let’s go! Now for the blog editor, here are some of the best Northeastern beaches:

Baía do Sancho in Fernando de Noronha, Pernambuco

Sancho's Bay in Noronha Island
Sancho’s Bay in Noronha Island

This one is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! Wild, with no vendors or stalls, with difficult to slightly moderate access, Praia do Sancho is located on the Pernambuco island of Fernando de Noronha. You can take a whole day and you will not get tired of all the alternatives of fun and beach entertainment that you will find here. Starting with the transparency of the water, it is by far one of the most crystalline in Brazil. Then for life in abundance of marine and land animals, you will find an explosion of life everywhere you look.

The four beaches of Morro de São Paulo, in Bahia

Morro de São Paulo Beach, in Bahia, one of the Northeastern Beaches
Morro de São Paulo Beach, in Bahia

Here is a set with 4 of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. If you have a week off and want to enjoy a destination with beaches for all tastes ?! So that destination could be Morro de São Paulo, located south of Salvador. This is one of the islands in the Tinharé archipelago, located near the municipality of Valença. You can enjoy snorkeling at the First Beach, eat a delicious Bahian food at the Second Beach, walk along the third beach and at low tide you will find dozens of incredible natural pools at the Fourth Beach. Is it worth it or not !?

Cumbuco beach close to Fortaleza, Ceará

Cumbuco Beach
Cumbuco Beach

Another beautiful beach that we can find in northeastern Brazil is undoubtedly the beautiful Cumbuco, located very close to Fortaleza. The highlight here is due to the cliffs near the main part of this beach village that have vivid colors and serve as raw material for the production of handicrafts (drawing with sand inside the glass).

Praia do Amor in Pipa in Rio Grande do Norte

Love's Beach (Praia do Amor) in Pipa, one of the Northeastern Beaches
Love’s Beach (Praia do Amor) in Pipa

Now we speak here of a beautiful beach that is located on the coast of Rio Grande do Sul, more precisely in the city of Pipa, in Rio Grande do Norte. The spectacular view illustrated by the previous photo can be obtained from the top of the cliffs that are closest to Praia do Amor. This beach is excellent, you can do a little bit of everything, it has great restaurants very close, you can also enjoy a natural pool that forms at low tides, however you must be very careful when choosing your place in the sun, do not stay too near the cliffs to avoid life-threatening landslides.

Canoa Quebrada Beach in Ceará

Canoa Quebrada Beach, in Ceara
Canoa Quebrada Beach, in Ceara

This is another beach that I really enjoyed visiting. It is located on the south coast of Ceará, following the path that leads to the Cumbuco Beach that we mentioned earlier. The place is truly a spectacle. The waters are super nice. At the time I went there were several bars and restaurants on the beach, in the sand of the sea! It was possible to eat fried fish or seafood with your feet in the sand!

Northeastern beaches with natural pools in Lençóis National Park, Maranhão

Lençóis National Park
Lençóis National Park

A perfect place for those looking for the most beautiful and attractive beaches in the Northeast. It is possible to stay several weeks in direct contact with Lençóis Maranhenses and not be able to visit even the main natural pools of this fantastic Brazilian national park. Okay, it’s not a salt water beach, but the refreshing waters are just as good. I think it’s even better since these natural pools have crystal clear waters, really translucent and with the bonus of not being salty.

Jericoacoara Beach and Lagoons in Ceará

Jericoacoara Beach Lagoon
Jericoacoara Beach Lagoon

Now if you still want the beach, but you really like the freshwater beach (same as in the case of Lençóis), then I have another very cool recommendation for you: visit Jericoacoara, its beaches and lagoons. This “foot in the sand” village is located in the extreme north of the state of Ceará and has some of the most beautiful freshwater lagoons in our northeast. You can be enchanted by the beauty of the Jericoacoara National Park, which is located between the municipalities of Jijoca de Jericoacoara, Cruz and Camocim, on the west coast of the state of Ceará.

Antunes is one of the Northeastern beaches near Maragogi in Alagoas

Antunes beach near Maragogi is one of the Northeastern Beaches
Antunes beach near Maragogi

This is one of the Northeastern Beaches that I recently visited and I confess that I quickly joined TOP10. Antunes beach is close to the city of Maragogi, on the north coast of Alagoas. Look if you think the Caribbean is just up there (or you don’t even know where the Caribbean is), I’ll tell you right away that if Brazil has the Caribbean, then it is right there in Antunes (and also on Bruna’s beach, which is right next door!)

Porto de Galinhas in Pernambuco

Porto de Galinhas in Pernambuco some of the best Northeastern Beaches
Porto de Galinhas in Pernambuco

One of the beaches that I most enjoyed visiting the last time I went to Recife was Porto de Galinhas. I already know this place from other opportunities, however it seems that every time I come back, the beach is more beautiful, the food more delicious, the people more friendly. PORTO DE GALINHAS friend (a), if you want to go to one of the beaches in the Northeast without fear of making mistakes, then don’t waste any time, schedule a trip to Recife right away and have a look! Bonus:

Freshwater on Northeastern beaches going to the Parnaíba River Delta in Piauí

Parnaíba River delta, one of the Northeastern Beaches
Parnaíba River delta

Bora include a freshwater beach in a northeastern river ?! Then take the most beautiful beaches you will be able to find in Piauí! I really enjoyed watching the flock of guarás on the beaches of the Parnaíba River, which flows into the Atlantic Ocean right there in the Delta do Parnaíba, one of the largest deltas in the world.

Did you like our Northeastern Beaches selection?

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I hope you enjoyed this list of Northeastern beaches, without a doubt they are some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever visited in my life. As I said at the beginning of the article, if you have already been to another beach in the northeastern region of Brazil that deserves to be on that list, then don’t waste time, go right there on the comments form and express your opinion! Big hug and until next time!


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