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Rio Olympic Park for the 2016 Olympics will be designed by UK office

Rio Olympic Park for the 2016 Olympics will be designed by UK office

The heart of the Olympic Games of 2016 began to throb, on August 19th with the release of the winning project for the construction of the Olympic Park, which will be built in the area of ​​Jacarepaguá Speedway, west of the city.

And the winner was the architectural UK firm Aecom, which already has the know how to have designed the Olympic Park for London 2012 Games.

The difference: a major Way Olympic-shaped walkway and surrounded by villages of living, inspired by the design that consecrated the image of Brazil and Rio around the world: the boardwalk in Copacabana.

The Olympic Park will serve the Olympic and Paralympic Games Rio 2016. In an area of ​​1.18 million square meters, will be held from 15 Olympic sports disputes (basketball, judo, tae kwon do, wrestling, handball, hockey, tennis, cycling, diving, water polo, swimming, synchronized swimming, artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline gymnastics) and 11 Paralympic (wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby, boccia, judo, volleyball sitting, Goalball, Football 5, 7 soccer, tennis chair wheels, cycling and swimming). In addition, the site will house the press center, which should receive about 20 000 accredited journalists.

The Brazilian Olympic Committee president Carlos Arthur Nuzman, called the future Olympic Park ‘nerve center of the Games’ and praised the interest of the present number of offices in the contest. The basic plan of the architectural design of the park provides two scenarios for the region located on the shores of Lake Jacarepaguá. The first will be the venues for the Olympic Games and the second for the period after the competitions, where new housing developments will be implemented in a sustainable manner.

You can check out the projects from the UK office for the Olympic Games at Rio de Janeiro. Click here to download a zip file with the four images with the entire project and be amazed about how great it will be!

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