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Rock in Rio 2011 Rio de Janeiro

Rock in Rio 2011 Rio de Janeiro

The sale of tickets is exhausted at all the selling points of Rock official in Rio, including Engenhão. The kiosks of the festival in the Barra Shopping, Rio Sul and Nova America will sell only products from the official mark of the festival, such as shirts, caps and jewelry.

The official sale of tickets to the Rock in Rio began in 2011 the first minutes of May 7. In the first ten hours were sold 90 000 tickets through the internet, and in less than 40 hours there was no more entries available for purchase on the web. On Tuesday, the tickets sold out in all the sales outlets.

But if you failed to ensure your presence in the biggest festival in the world, cool! Remember that sponsors and partners of the festival even held actions to give fans with tickets from the Rock in Rio 2011. Stay attentive to social networks and join!


Who bought the Rock in Rio Card has until May 31 to validate your card for the day you want. Who bought the half price that will send a document image of a student, proving the right, and await approval and only then choose the date. Because the process can take several days, it is important that the validation of half-entry is made soon possible.

Both to validate the input and half to choose the date you must enter at and follow the instructions. Will requested login and password. Rock in Rio Card is valid only after activation same, ie, only after the choice of date by the system. Unable change the date after making the choice of the day.

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