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Scuba dive spots in Brazil: top 5 suggestions for your vacation trip in Brazil

Scuba dive spots in Brazil: top 5 suggestions for your vacation trip in Brazil

Besides, breathtaking landscapes, the diver has the company of colorful fish, turtles and dolphins. The more experienced can fall a little more closely and see shipwrecks full of history and even venturing into the caves. Here are some of the best dive scuba dive spots in Brazil!

Scuba dive spots in Brazil

5 – Arraial do Cabo

Scuba dive in Brazil - Arrail do Cabo

Arraial has a varied fauna which may promote encounters with seahorses and even dolphins. This place is located in the brazilian southeast, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, near from the city of Cabo Frio (Cold Cape).

The name of this site is just related for the colder temperatures at the seabed due to high depth, so one good advice is to book a full-body suit of neoprene, including the hood, gloves and socks. The sea water temperature which varies between 10 and 25 ° C, is considered the lower in the country, but you will find very good visibility and lots of interesting points!

You can perform simple dives, ideal for beginners, in Praia Grande and Prainha, for example. The marine fauna is very varied, as the icy waters are rich in nutrients. It’s pretty easy to cross with moray eels, stingrays, turtles, anemones and octopus.

4 – Bonito


Bonito is considered the best diving point of fresh water in Brazil. To see the beauty you will have to try the mask and snorkel! In the River of Silver (Rio da Prata), the impression is that you is flying – you don’t need to worry about currents or waves, you will not be at the sea! There are lots of fishes! The more experienced can face the Abyss Anhumas. The adventure begins outside the cave, with an abseil of 72 meters.

The entrance is through a crack in the rock, but inside you will find a crystal clear lake with the size of a football field. And this is not the only: large cones of limestone up to 20 feet high resembling a lunar landscape. The visibility is up to 40 meters.

3 – Arvoredo

Arvoredo Islands Scuba Dive

In the summer the visibility can reach 15 meters and the water temperature is around 20 ° C. The variety of fish is immense: more than 200 species of grouper, mullet, whiting, anchovies, stingrays. Quiet sea turtles always used to be dive along the site with the guys around there.

2 – Abrolhos

scuba dive spots in Brazil: Abrolhos Bahia Scuba Dive

There are so many reefs and shoals that Portuguese sailors shouted “Open your eyes” to reach the coast of Bahia in the 16th century. But keep your eyes peeled for even giving the surprises of this sanctuary.

Only here you can see the chapeirões, mushroom corals that form a labyrinth. With good visibility up to 20 feet deep and warm water, the place is a pit stop of the humpback whales to breed, from July to November.

The National Marine Park is home to four shipwrecks like the Italian freighter Rosalinda, more than 90 meters, which sank in 1939. As the state of preservation is good, you can dive among its galleries.

1 – Fernando de Noronha

Top Brazilian Scuba Dive Spot - Fernando de Noronha Islands
Top Brazilian Scuba Dive Spot – Fernando de Noronha Islands

Discovered in 1503, the archipelago has 21 islands and is considered the best diving destination in Brazil. No wonder. The visibility in the region reaches 50 m in all directions, and he waters are warm, around 27 º C. In addition to the fish species such as monk, wrasse, barracuda and the surgeon, you can see in the region stingrays, turtles, moray eels and sharks, and the spinner dolphins, only species that give spins in the air before diving into the water. There are over 230 species of fish and 15 coral.

Noronha is also home to the Corvette V17, battleship sunk, still relatively intact, which is 60 m deep. Not for beginners! Among the most for legal practice are the Cave of the shoe, the Slab Two Brothers, the Stones Drought, the Cagarras and Hell Hole.

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