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Smiles, the loyalty program from GOL/VARIG

Smiles, the loyalty program from GOL/VARIG

The Smiles program is the relationship and loyalty program of the Brazilian airline company Gol/VARIG, where the participant can earn miles by flying or purchasing products and services from partner companies and issuing tickets can redeem miles for air companies. It has more than 6.5 million participants often flying with Gol, Varig and partner companies and is a system of customer relationship that provides unique benefits such as a larger baggage allowance, VIP halls in airports (with Smiles lounges), rescue points on airline tickets, with or without money to complete a particular stretch of several other benefits.

To be part of Smiles simply register for free at this site by clicking here. Entries in the Smiles Program are free and can be made through the site Smiles:, Call Center Smiles and Registration Form. At enrollment, the Participant will receive an identification number to the Smiles Program. Miles accrued on account of the Participant may be redeemed on airline tickets on flights operated VRG Airlines with GOL or VARIG brands and with other partner airlines Smiles Program. Through the program’s website Smiles, the client also has options to verify information concerning your account (extracts and various drives)


There are 4 (four) categories of Smiles card: Blue, Silver, Gold and Diamond.

  • Blue Category – Period to 12 (twelve) consecutive months (except for the current month), up 19,999 (nineteen thousand nine hundred ninety-nine) miles or 24 (twenty four) flights in that period;
  • Silver category – Period to 12 (twelve) consecutive months (except for the current month), 20,000 (twenty thousand) and 49,999 (forty-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine) miles or perform between 25 (twenty five ) and 59 (fifty-nine) flights in that period;
  • Gold Category – Period to 12 (twelve) consecutive months (except for the current month), 50,000 (fifty thousand) and 99,999 (ninety-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine) miles or make between sixty (60) and 99 (ninety nine) flights in that period;
  • Category Diamond – Period to 12 (twelve) consecutive months (except for the current month), 100,000 (one hundred thousand) miles or more, or make 100 (one hundred) or more flights in that period;

The awards are made up of Smiles Tickets Smiles, Smiles Any Day Tickets, Tickets Promotional Smiles, Smiles & Money Tickets, Tickets Smiles One Way Airline Partners, Tickets Smiles of Round Trip Airline Partners and products or services associated with non-airline partners.


We will consider the mile (1,609 m) as the basic unit. Total credits per trip made by the Participant Smiles Program will correspond to the number of miles actually flown between origin and destination (not counting scales) following distances adopted by the IATA (International Air Transport Association), or the minimum / maximum Mileage Program and established by the Partners, the Participant must check the website Smiles ( or by the Service Center the minimum / maximum number of credit established for miles per trip.

There are three types of Miles:

  • Miles Club: Miles are earned based on the distance actually flown by the Participant and / or an amount equivalent to the rule of fare purchased by the Participant on flights operated by VRG Airlines GOL and VARIG brands and Partners, subject to specific agreement between the Smiles Program and Partner; 
  • Bonus Miles: are the miles earned through promotions, differentiated by class accumulations of flight levels or paperboard; 
  • Miles Partner: are the miles earned by using the services and products contracted partners in non-air or air Smiles Program, subject to specific agreement between VRG Airlines and partner airline. 

Miles of all kinds are accumulated in the Participant’s account so that it can exchange them for prizes, but only Miles Club will be considered for the classification of special levels of Smiles card – Silver / Gold / Diamond.

Miles can be earned through flight of VRG Airlines SA and GOL operated by VARIG brand and other airlines that have partnership agreement with the Smiles Program, plus daily in hotels, magazine subscriptions, rental of cars and any other services purchased by non-airline partners of Smiles Program. They may also be earned through miles of bonuses, promotions or special deals. Miles may only be credited to the account on behalf of Participant Smiles that effectively used the services.

The SMILES program has been working on details to create the integration between Smiles and American Airlines. Smiles Participants may redeem miles for tickets on flights operated by American Airlines, American Eagle or American Connection. Since Aug. 1, participants flying American Airlines, American Eagle and American Connection have logged miles in the Smiles Program.


It’s simple. Below is a list of what to do to get along in the loyalty program of GOL / Varig:

  • Flying Gol / Varig – where you fly Gol you can earn miles, the mileage will depend on the distance between cities, the rate of passage and the color of your card Smiles.
  • Flying Airfrance / KLM – Gol has partnered with Airfrance / KLM and whenever you fly in these companies you can choose to earn miles Smiles.
  • Flying American Airlines – This partnership is virtually equal to the AirFrance made with KLM but is having a promotion until 31/10/2009 double miles.
  • Using BRAZILIAN credit card – in most credit cards you can swap the equivalent of every dollar spent per mile.
  • Using BRAZILIAN credit cards program specific Smiles
  • Gol has partnered with Brazil’s Bradesco Bank and for them to launch credit cards branded Smiles.
  • Subscribing to magazines and newspapers – this is one of the fastest ways to earn miles Smiles. Signing, for example, the magazine for two years time you earn 6,500 miles. Subscribing to see for two years you get 6000 miles to see one year free.
  • Accommodation in hotels – the Smiles program has partnered with dozens of hotels not only in Brazil. Staying at these hotels you can earn miles Smiles.
  • Shopping on the Internet – the Smiles program has partnerships with some e-commerce sites like and Circuit City. Buying these stores you can earn miles Smiles.
  • Car rental – renting cars until you earn Miles Smiles. In general you get 500 miles per rental.

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