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Space to house the Rock in Rio 2011 is almost ready

Space to house the Rock in Rio 2011 is almost ready

We’re 16 days of the fourth edition of the Rock in Rio, the works in the Olympic Park Rock City of 150 thousand square meters are already in the homestretch. The total material used to build the infrastructure space that will house the largest festival of music and entertainment world is 6 000 tons of equipment.

City of Rock in Rio de Janeiro's Rock in Rio 2011
City of Rock in Rio de Janeiro’s Rock in Rio 2011

Located across from the old City of Rock on Avenida Salvador Allende, the construction of the Olympic Park Rock City, at Barra da Tijuca – Rio’s west zone, began on December 9 last year. With an investment of $ 37 million, in the future the space should be allocated for recreational athletes during the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016.

World Stage (Palco Mundo)

With 80 meters long and 25 high, the World Stage – where the leading artists and bands will perform is being built with a tubular structure with bands of iron. A zip line 250 meters in length will cover the entire audience in front of the stage. The main and most established groups that will perform at Rock in Rio 2011 are Elton John, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Stevie Wonder, Jamiroquai, Shakira, Lenny Kravitz, Coldplay, Guns N ‘Roses.

Sunset Stage

The Sunset operate from 02h40 PM and will receive Brazilian and international artists to create Jam Sessions as Bebel Gilberto, Sepultura, Martinho da Vila, Mono and The Asteroids Galaxy Tour (Denmark), Tambours du Bronx (France), Buraka Som Sistema (Angola) . The distance from Sunset to the World Stage is 120 meters.

City of Rock 2011 Projection - Amazing right?
City of Rock 2011 Projection – Amazing right?

Another structure that is already in advance is the VIP area, which is a distance of 150 meters from the World Stage, and will have capacity for 4,000 guests per night with shops on the ground floor.

Jazz on the Rock Street

An innovation of this year’s Rock in Rio Rock Street is 160 meters long. The idea is to recreate the atmosphere of jazz in New Orleans this scenic street, where street jazz bands will perform in the midst of bars and restaurants.

The Rock Street is almost finished with the finished picture. It will have space with shops, bars and restaurants where the public will find every day, opening the gates at two o’clock in the morning, shows names in the world of jazz and blues.

It will be a relaxation space where musicians lounge and circulate through the street, dancers, jugglers, acrobats, magicians, fortune tellers, and living statues. The presentations start at intervals of Sunset and World Stages

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