Sunset on Jericoacoara

It is very difficult to choose the best place to admire the sunset  in Jeri. I got to enjoy a few times, from different angles which gave me very good pictures, most could not choose which actually more worth it and which deserves an encore.

But hey! Forget about concern’s right now! You are almost there! Each day spent on Jericoacoara is an amazing blessed day! You need just to plan the best spot to enjoy the sunset. Each one spot in Jeri that you picked, you will never foget how amazing is to see a daily sunset in this land. There are two interesting places to enjoy the sunset: The sunset dune, right in the Jeri’s side and the Holed Stone

Sunset appreciated from the dune Sunset

Sunset appreciated from the dune Sunset
Sunset appreciated from the dune Sunset

Arriving at the top of the dune, choose your corner, relax and enjoy this unique spectacle that God gives us every day, a stuff that we should always take advantage and enjoy this time.

Holed Stone

Sunset on Jericoacoara – The Holed Stone

Upon arriving in Jeri, your options will be clear to the sunset: or is the dune, or the stone.  And to get to the stone, do not make the mistake that I made, when walking, get off at least two  hours before sunset.

A good option is to opt for the carriage ride ($ 15.00 and just one way …) or ATV, buggy, there are many ways to get there, I preferred to walk, walking, walked away with a more hour and a half term and the sun was gone before it arrived at such a stone stuck. Still, I got great pictures of the sunset at the pacific sea, getting stuck in the stone.

Sunset on Jericoacoara – It is amazing

I know it was the desire to have arrived in time to be able to record the dying sun passing through the knothole. Well, you better not have got it so it becomes a brand new motivation to get back to Jeri!

The most amazing sunset at CEARÁ/BRAZIL


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