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Sweet Lagoons at Jericoacoara – Do not miss them at all!

Sweet Lagoons at Jericoacoara – Do not miss them at all!

Jericoacoara Tours – Do not miss the ride ace ponds Jeri! It is an economic ride (about $ 30 to $ 40 per person – brazilian reals off course) for visit the three lakes of fresh water (rain water), which are really the apex of a trip to this region of Ceará.

Arriving at Jericoacoara you’ll find two basic tours: either you’re going to circuit of Tatajuba, a walk through mangroves to get to know the life forms found there. On this tour you can see sea horses and crabs of various colors. The other traditional ride in Jeri is performed until the freshwater ponds. Both tours take you (and very well taken) all day. Understand now why go calmly to Jeri: it takes two days to go and back to Ceará capital (Fortaleza) and two more trips to the main village. In this post you will know one of the tours: the ponds Jeri: the Heart Lagoon, Blue Lagoon and the Lagoon Paradise that is almost the heaven.

Jericoacoara - Ceará - Brasil
Jericoacoara – Ceará – Brasil

You’ll find three basic ways to do the ride in Jeri. You can make friends and go places buggy (and the cost is $ 45.00 per person for 4 people = R$ 180.00). There are even gardeners (a 4×4 bus) who do the same route by the individual value of $ 30.00 or you can get excited to go in a van (parrot’s perch) D-20 for $ 25.00 (with great bargain). The reality is that no matter what! If you are in Jeri you must burn one of your days in the sun on the edge of one of these sites. The cost is negligible close to what you will enjoy.

Skybunda - downhill on a board
Skybunda – downhill on a board

The first stop is the Heart Lagoon and there you can enjoy the calm waters of a pond, networks and R $ 5.00 “skybunda” entitled to three downhill. It is worthwhile to enjoy the thrill of the sky due to the refreshing swim in the lake that you end up winning in the end.

Heart Lagoon at Jericoacoara - Ceará - Brasil
Heart Lagoon at Jericoacoara – Ceará – Brasil

And I really love all that, I just enjoyed far more than I could! It’s worth taking a swim in the lakes. With the backdrop of dunes around you and the warm sweet water, this is just like we’re in the middle of the mirage of an oasis in a desert of Ceará.

And now comes the climax of a trip to Jericoacoara: the Paradise Lagoon. Just relax at an Kiosk and ensure the level zero of concern’s in this paradise lost in the middle beyond Fortaleza. The menu goes to you, avoiding concern. The water level reached up to the restaurant tables. Have lunch with your feet in water or a cold beer in this environment is worth far more than fair and affordable cost charged by local authorities. There is no source in the pond, and even with the high temperatures of the hottest months, it never dries.

Paradaise Lagoon at Jericoacoara - Ceará - Brasil
Paradaise Lagoon at Jericoacoara – Ceará – Brasil

The Paradise Pond makes the visitor feel at one of those perfect places. Or venture to argue that even makes you feel like at a natural spa open to the public without any exclusivity for guests who spend more real for just a simple daily. The pond is so shallow that traders are keen to serve their customers on networks assembled in the water.

Paradaise Lagoon Caribean style or not!?
Paradaise Lagoon Caribean style or not!?

Easy to see that this idyllic lakes region of Brazil do not lose much to Caribbean beaches. White sand in a lagoon of warm sweet and multicolored water. It is worthwhile to know more about my own country before venturing to spend many dollars in places they can not give us the basic resources found for example in Jeri.

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