Tram derails in Rio de Janeiro, killing five people and leaving another 50 injured

According to the City Hall of Rio de Janeiro, 28 people were admitted to the Souza Aguiar Hospital, in downtown Rio The department said there were injuries requiring surgery, but no information on the number of cases. Also according to the health secretary, two of the five victims who died came to be taken to hospitals, but did not survive his injuries.

Accident Location - Santa Teresa - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Accident Location – Santa Teresa – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

The official who ran the tram derailed at the time was experienced with over 30 years in the role, jealous and very careful in driving the tram, but the question is that was noted that the trolley wire used instead of screw to secure a piece of the brake shoe was with some degree of degradation. In total, there is 57 injured people that still at the hospital, 54 follow in municipal hospitals of Rio Three other injured were taken to the accident site directly to other units: UPA from Tijuca and the AndaraĆ­ General Hospital. The information is from the Municipal Health Information is the Municipal Health Secretary.

Tram that derails in Rio de Janeiro
Tram that derails in Rio de Janeiro

The cable car that crashed passed through several stages of service this month and some parts went replaced, including the brake system. This year has been spent something like R$ 350,000 on maintenance and the government has invested in the R$ 14 million since the beginning of the government Cabral. The last tram service took place on August 25.

Tram running before the accident
Tram running before the accident

Some advices that should be taken as good for travelers around Brazil is to avoid this kind of transportation service. In some places it is true that this kind of service works pretty good like in the most touristic places from Rio and another brazilian capitals, but otherwise it is good to know in advance what is the best choice to make a safe trip.

One of the passengers were injured in Santa Teresa said that the tram stopped for lack of light before the crash that left five dead and more than 50 wounded. “During the ascent, the tram stopped for lack of energy. But then later went on the trip,” said the young Douglas Tavares. The young man also said before that, the Santa Teresa tram had presented another problem. “When I was in the queue, had warned that a trolley problem, but the service was back to normal.”


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