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Traveling with children in Brazil

Traveling with children in Brazil

About a VISA for the childrens. You will need to apply for a visa for him or her much in the same way you will apply for yours. The same documents will need to be presented and applicable fees are the same as for an adult. For better explanations about Brazilian VISA, please, check this page.

We strongly recomend that your children should avoid drinking tap water and eating street food. And at the beach be sure you avoid areas with strong currents and pollution, and apply liberal amounts of sunscreen. Restaurants that serve the freshest seafood, neighborhoods that preserve history, and night life should be the best spots to go around.

When traveling with young children, be particularly careful about what you allow them to eat and drink, because diarrhea can be especially dangerous in this age group and because the vaccines for hepatitis A and typhoid fever are not approved tfor use in children who are under the age of two years.

Brazil has endemic areas for yellow fever, malaria and dengue fever. Of the three diseases, the only one for which there is an effective vaccine is yellow fever. While Brazil recommends vaccination for travelers to endemic areas, infants under nine months of age should not be vaccinated against yellow fever.

Before traveling with children to Brazil, discuss your travel plans with your child’s pediatrician.In general, children under the age of nine months should not be brought to areas where yellow fever occurs, since the vacine is not safe in this age group.

The two main malaria medications, Lariam and Malarone, may be given to children, but insect repellents must be applied in lower concentrations.

restaurants that serve the freshest seafood, neighborhoods that preserve history, and night life

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