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What to do in Porto de Galinhas

What to do in Porto de Galinhas: check out 12 unmissable tips!

Hey guys, everything is fun with you!? All in peace here! We are just preparing for the next trips, a lot of work, to be able to travel with enough quality in the coming days 😀 Today I come here to share with you some of the best tips to enjoy one of the most wonderful destinations in the Brazilian northeast: know what to do in Porto de Galinhas!

Every day we are asked by countless readers about the best destinations to visit in Brazil. One of them is always at the top of our list and is called Porto de Galinhas. Very well located near Recife, this region is full of natural beauty, good restaurants and a top-notch hotel business.

What to do in Porto de Galinhas

There are so many tasks for a destination that can be visited every year that just one post with 12 tips can be seen as mean, you can write several books, even an entire blog about the Porto de Galinhas destination. However, as we still have hundreds of destinations to write, today I leave here registered 12 spectacular tips for you who are planning an escape to this paradise located in the state of Pernambuco.

Go on a bike ride! Despite the center being very compact, Porto de Galinhas is comprised of a vast area full of activities. Between the center of the resort and the beach of Maracaípe it is 3 km. Those who have the breath to ride 9 km can take the trip to the district of Nossa Senhora do Ó or to Morro do Outeiro, from where you can see the entire bay of Maracaípe. One of the specialized companies, Loocabike accompanies the tours and offers a guide, support car, helmet and various types of skinny girls (amateurs and professionals).

A destination to take snorkel, flipper and diving mask! Folks, take note: this is one of the best destinations in Brazil for snorkelling (snorkelling). There are several natural pools very close to the village of Porto de Galinhas that can be explored in the time of each traveller. It’s worth getting ready and bringing your own gear to avoid additional expenses with diving equipment rental

Fishes and a boat in Porto de Galinhas
Fishes and a boat in Porto de Galinhas

Provide a pleasant time for the kids! In Vila Brincante, the Village Porto de Galinhas hotel offers entertainment for children and an immersion in the local nature. A full-size pirate boat, tree house, creative workshops, small grocery store, doll house, 3D movie theater and a playground make up this space

The program also includes a pajama party, magic and serenism shows. A tree climbing circuit, charged separately, is also promoted. Perfect for dads who want to enjoy the beach bars and restaurants knowing the little ones are well taken care of.

Take time to enjoy a raft ride! A tour that makes the visitor come across a natural nursery, where you can see up close seahorses of different shades – passing through brown, yellow and red – and crabs, in addition to bathing in salt or fresh water and swimming in the River. The journey takes an average of 40 minutes. Now have you thought about taking a tour like this to come back with the sunset?! It’s breathtaking! You can record memorable photos on a tour like this, go for me huh!

Play sports (or see the pros playing). The strong winds in the Pontal de Maracaípe region favor the practice of kite surfing, in which a board pulled by a kite is used. To use the “flying boards” specialized training is required, offered by the Escola Pernambucana de Kitesurfe. In the resort it is also possible to practice windsurfing, kayaking and even go on a speedboat and jet ski.

A tour of the natural pools is mandatory! Forged by the wise hands of nature, the pools are right next to the coast, just five minutes from the beach, with access by raft. The lower the tide, the clearer the scenery filled with colorful fish amidst warm, clean and calm waters. The contact is so close that the visitor often feels the touch of the little fish on his body. They are the ones that lead visitors to discover a natural formation of reefs, whose image is identical to the one on the map of Brazil.

What to do in Porto de Galinhas
What to do in Porto de Galinhas

For those who are certified, scuba diving may be worth it! I still haven’t had the opportunity to scuba dive in Porto de Galinhas, however I believe it is one of the most accessible destinations for this sport on the northeast coast. To contemplate nature, the best option are the reefs located 200 meters from the beach, up to 12 meters deep and with a vast amount of lobsters, octopuses, rockfish, soles and moray eels.

For those who enjoy adrenaline and mysteries, it is possible to discover the unidentified vessel that sank about 300 years ago. At an even greater depth, 32 meters, is the tug Mars, sunk in 1997 to become an artificial reef and today covered by sponges and corals.

Some of the best restaurants in the northeast are there in Porto de Galinhas! The elegant Munganga Bistro offers one of the best views of the resort’s crystal-clear waters. It stands out for an excellent wine cellar and an intimate decor, with glass walls and floors made of wooden decks. Paella Andalucia is a specialty of the house and includes an abundance of shrimp, squid, octopus, mussels, sausage and chicken. Another special dish is Thai shrimp, with coconut milk and curry, served with sesame rice.

Take alternative tours in the attractions around Porto de Galinhas! The white sands of the Maracaípe region are also a favorable invitation for horseback riding. The intoxicating activity lasts around an hour and a half, always accompanied by a guide, and can be hired at nearby hotels and inns.

Take time to have a delicious drink. Summerville Beach Resort makes its Pub Sport Bar a space to promote an authentic sensory experience. The English-inspired environment was created in partnership with the Eisenbahn brand. In addition to being a super inviting place to hang out with friends, it often hosts themed programs such as tastings of rare labels.

Santo Aleixo at Porto de Galinhas
Santo Aleixo at Porto de Galinhas

Explore as much as you can! Discovered in the 16th century by French pirates interested in the brazilwood trade, this paradise formed by volcanic rocks fills the eyes of those looking for unspoiled nature. In an area of 36 hectares, shaped similar to a horseshoe, it features a sandy beach on the west coast, while to the south it has a cove protected by stone cliffs. It is also where a large open pool is formed

Take time to relax! At Nannai Resort & Spa, Spa by L’Occitane concentrates nine individual and double treatment rooms, with dry and wet saunas, relaxation gazebos, in addition to a wet circuit, with jets for different parts of the body in a heated pool. Hydrotherapy services, massages and relaxing treatments with essential oils are also offered. But the difference is the Nannai Signature, a special house treatment that uses coconut water as one of the ingredients.


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